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Box Opening – Doll Chateau Andre

After 5 months of patient waiting the newest member of my bjd tribe has arrived. It’s not unusual for such wait times in this hobby –  some companies can take up to a full year for the production/shipping of their dolls – but it is most definitely worth it.

I ordered a Doll Chateau Andre during their special event through their dealer Angelesque, based in the UK. The main reason I didn’t order direct is because I have been stung by ridiculous custom charges before and I really don’t want to start associating incoming dolls with a feeling of dread. Communication with Angelesque is also a pleasure, Carol is very speedy with replies and updates regularly on facebook with photos of shipments that have arrived at her office. This is how I knew my demon was coming home. 

I don’t think I’ve had such a well packaged doll since I ordered Rikku from Fairyland. The box was in a parcel envelope so there was absolutely no way for it to be tampered with. Inside was my little bundle.

I love the little pouch that Doll Chateau have been including with their event dolls. I don’t know if they do this for all their smaller dolls but it really gives it a special touch. Andre came in this lovely burgundy suede-ish pouch that has silky lining on the inside. Its really well padded too so no bumps can hurt the resin inside.

Next is the bubblewrap mummy. When I saw the little feet poking out the bottom I had to laugh, it looks like the doll had a bit of trouble and got stuck in there.

And here she is! Also inside the box was an envelope with Doll Chateau’s stamp, their equivalent of a certificate of authenticity, and a business card from Angelesque.  

I already love this little doll. The resin feels so nice and there are no visible seams – exactly the quality I expect from this company. There’s also very little odour. I’ve had dolls that have had such a strong scent of fresh resin I’ve had to let them air out, but not this doll. They must have been using some psychic sense at DC headquarters because they gave her yellow eyes just like my OC. 

Ok so onto posing:

No complaints here. This lil critter poses like a dream. They have definitely gotten a lot better at stringing the tinies – I remember having problems trying to make my Doll Chateau Ada stand straight out of the box. The tail is attached by magnet and is definitely a huge help for standing, it offsets the balance of the wings really well. With a bit of practice I could probably get a standing pose without the tail, the body has a natural balance which is nice to work with.

So I can now present to you the demon form of my mischevious OC Ophelia. She may be blank but she has plenty of personality.