My Resin Tribe

Asian ball-jointed dolls are most commonly made from polyurethane resin and as the name implies they are fully articulated and able to hold a wide range of poses. They come in a huge range of sizes from the Tinies which are usually anything under 25cm, MSD’s/Mini Size Dolls which are the medium height range at 45cm, and topping the height scale are the SD’s and above which are anything from 60cm to 80cm! Most importantly, they are fully customisable – eyes, hair, face paint (commonly known as face-ups), even body parts can be interchangeable whether simply just having spare hands for your sculpt to make victory sign poses or creating a hybrid from one company’s head sculpt and another’s body sculpt.

Here is where most people will point out that hybridising isn’t all that easy – usually it will involve research to find if the resin colours match or if parts are corresponding sizes – but if you are brave and willing to put your all into this hobby these are only mere challenges of customising your doll, modding can be a fun feature of this hobby too.

My tribe consist of a number of full sculpts and what I call my ‘floaty head gang’ who are essentially head sculpts that I really loved but not on the bodies they originally came with. Oh, and a pair of disembodied hands.

This is the gang so far:


Name: Xander

Company/sculpt: Customhouse, Junior Ai Marco

Height: 45cm

D.O.B: 21/10/2009

Favourite colour: Green

Likes: Hippo, anime, Jpop

Dislikes: large crowds


Name: Luciel

Company/sculpt: Customhouse, Junior Ai Yeondu

Height: 45cm

D.O.B: 13/4/2010

Favourite colour: Sky blue

Likes: Lace, cupcakes

Dislikes: Spiders


Name: Deimos

Company/ Sculpt: Customhouse, Junior Ai Yeonu

Height: 45cm

D.O.B: 13/4/2010

Favourite colour: Black

Likes: Violin, poetry

Dislikes: Stupidity


Name: Sayuri

Company/sculpt: Fairyland, Pukipuki Ante

Height: 11cm

D.O.B: 22/7/2011

Favourite colour: Sky blue

Likes: Strawberries, ducks, flowers

Dislikes: Liquorice, spiders


Name: Lomiel

Company/sculpt: Doll Chateau, Ada

Height: 15cm

D.O.B: 11/6/2013

Favourite colour: Green

Likes: trees, flowers

Dislikes: fire


Name: Rikku

Company/sculpt: Fairyland, Littlefee Pong

Height: 25cm

D.O.B: 29/4/2014

Favourite colour: Purple

Likes: Sherbert, rainbows

Dislikes: Rain


Name: Loki

Company/sculpt: Dollzone, Heavy Rain

Height: 10cm

D.O.B: 27/6/2015

Likes: Sleep

Dislikes: Early mornings


The floaty heads, left to right: Odin – Dollzone Cosmo, Ophelia – Doll Chateau Bella, Wrath – Immortality of Soul Infernale.


And these are Odin’s hands, for now they are Thing 1 and Thing 2 and they are from Dollzone.

For anyone wanting to look at the company sites:

(The Customhouse site is no longer available).


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