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Dee Reviews – MyGeekBox

I was so excited opening this month’s box. I had no internet for a while and hadn’t checked what the theme was so it was a nice surprise. I think this is probably one of the better boxes of this year – I’m pretty happy with every item inside unlike previous months which have had items from fandoms that I’ve never really been interested in.

First off, this lil guy was at the top and the first thing I pulled out –

I love Slimer! He was always my favourite in the movies and in the Ghostbusters animated series. Who wouldn’t like that cheeky grin? I also love plushies so he gets to join the ranks on my shelves, I’ll possibly sit him between Gengar and the facehugger.
Next up is my new fave toy to annoy people with. 

 Ok, so it’s still in the box – for now. It won’t be long until I’ve taken it out and tested it, just to make sure it makes all the right noises. And possibly to see if it will change the tv channel. Or turn on the microwave.

And then there was a blind box! A Kidrobot x DC mini series blind box.

 And I got this dude –  

 Look at his wee smiley face! He’s just so happy to be included with all the big names he doesn’t care how many people won’t recognise him or know where he made his first appearance *cough*Mystery Men comics*cough*. Don’t you worry Blue Beetle, there’s a spot on my shelf for you.

And on the subject of comic books MyGeekBox have packed the first issue of Empress, a new series from Marvel’s Icon line. 

 I’m going to really enjoy reading this. The series is planned to have 3 arcs spanning six issues each which should make it a short but sweet addition to any reading list. If I do start to collect this series I will make sure to review and share my thoughts.

Not so excited about the next item . . . 

Yes I did say I was happy with every item. I am. And yes I am quite surprised that a dvd was included in the box. And I do love horror and gore. But I’m also extremely squeamish so I’ll have to work up to watching this. Possibly after a few drinks and with my bestie sat beside me so we can share in the torture ^_^

Last but not least – the tshirt. 

 Thumbs up all round. My only issue with this is the size. Back when MyGeekBox was still fairly new it was quite simple to contact them and ask for a size change – in fact this is what I did after having the wrong size ordered for me, I’m pretty sure I mentioned it in my previous review on this service. It’s not so easy nowadays. After a complication with an order at christmas we had to unsub then re-sub to fix the issue, but mum made the same size mistake. When we contacted them we were told the only way to change it would be to unsub then re-sub with the new size selected. We had just gone through all that, plus were already receiving a box with 2 shirts in the smaller size so we just never bothered. I have a few options open to me though – I could try to slim down so the shirts fit better; I could get my craft kit out and turn the shirts into custom cushion covers or wall art; or I can sell them on and make some pocket money. I do like all my shirts so I’m sure I’ll figure something out from the first two options.

Overall MyGeekBox is still value for money – 3 items alone bring it to your monthly sub price. Yes ok so it can be hit-or-miss with some of the themes and items they choose but based on the last two months alone, especially this one, they are gradually improving at quality control and pleasing their customers. I for one am looking forward to what next month brings.

If you want to check out this subscription service for yourself simply go to mygeekbox.co.uk