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Dee Reviews – TeeFury

I don’t know about you, but I love a good sale. So when I receive an email with a code for 30% off – including on sale items – I’m definitely not going to miss out. Usually these excited online bargain hunts end in disappointment for one of several reasons: an item I like is already sold out; items are only available in small sizes; international orders aren’t included. I had no such woe this time. 

TeeFury is bursting with awesome geek clothing. It’s slightly overwhelming just how many t-shirt designs are available. Thankfully I have reached my t-shirt limit for this month (see my instagram feed for a Primark haul) so I focussed my search on the more elusive apparel on the site – namely skirts and leggings.

I’ve had my eye on the Pokémon range of skirts since they were first revealed on the site. My favourite design is the ‘Lavender Town’ skirt adorned with ghost types such as Haunter and Ghastly, sadly I’m not alone and this has been sold out for quite a while. The grass type counterpart is still in stock however. And with sizes ranging to 4XL (around size 18/20 UK) there was no disappointment to be had. While I was at it I had a browse of the sale items and added a pair of the ‘Geek Chic’ leggings to my cart (this design is no longer available). After checking the sizing chart I ordered the 4XL mainly just to be on the safe side – I’d rather something were too big than too small. Then all that was left was to pay and wait for it to arrive. 

I ordered on June 29th and my package arrived (after customs holding) on July 14th – just over two weeks later, which is pretty fast. I love the patterns already.

The fabric used for both items is the same – silky soft and pretty stretchy (similar to swimwear fabric), and the designs show up quite vibrantly. I love the little happy Oddishes on the skirt, super cute. The skirt fits perfect if a little big but I don’t mind that at all, it’s so much more comfortable that way. The leggings are a little bit snug – the waist fits well, a little loose like the skirt – but below the knee it seems to get pretty tight which I think is down to what I call ‘tall people sizing’. I’m just around 5’2 and my calves are proportionally curvy like the rest of me. On a slimmer, longer leg these leggings would probably fit really well. On me they bunch at my ankles a fair bit. I’m sure though after wearing them a few times the fabric will stretch to fit, it’s great they used such a forgiving material.

Sale or no sale the quality of TeeFury clothing is pretty darn good and I’d definitely buy from the site again. The best way to keep up with their sales and exclusive designs is to sign up to their mailing list – it does mean receiving several emails per day from them but it pays off when you can use promo codes in conjunction with sales they already have running.

If you want to check them out head over to: TeeFury.com